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Fairfax white collar crime lawyerWhite collar or financial crimes are generally viewed similarly because they are committed by professionals and/or public officials and almost always involve some form of deceptive misrepresentation for the purpose of obtaining money. Although the criminal intent of white collar crimes is identical to that of many street crimes, as a Fairfax white collar crime lawyer, I have seen financial crimes be treated much differently. White collar crimes include, but are not limited to, bank fraud, bribery, corporate fraud, credit card fraud, cyber crimes/hacking, hedge fund fraud, immigration fraud, money laundering, extortion, identity theft, securities fraud, RICO laws, wire fraud, tax evasion, and racketeering. If you need more information on fraud-related crimes, please visit Fairfax Fraud Lawyer page. 

How is White Collar Crime Different than Everyday Street Crime?

White collar crimes have a tendency to be treated differently than street crimes because they are generally committed by people in prominent positions who also have access to vast amounts of money and resources. However, as a Fairfax white collar crime lawyer, I have witnessed just how common it is for innocent people to be charged as a result of oversights, bookkeeping errors, and unintentional mismanagement. White collar crimes also tend to be treated differently than street crimes because almost all white collar defendants are first time offenders with no criminal record whatsoever. The lack of prior criminal history is usually of great advantage to your Fairfax white collar crime lawyer because it provides them room to help negotiate the charges down. It also helps if the defendant can make restitution to victims in exchange for a smaller, less severe sentence.

How a Fairfax White Collar Crime Lawyer Can Help You

When it comes to white collar criminal defense, the more complex the case, the better the chances your Fairfax white collar crime lawyer will have in obtaining an acquittal. The reason increased complexity is useful is because the more complex the issues, the easier it will be for your Fairfax white collar crime lawyer to raise doubt about the government’s ability to prove the intent of the defendant. Indeed, even Albert Einstein, arguably the smartest person to ever walk the earth, was confused by our tax code. When asked what he thought of the tax code, Einstein quipped that “This question is too difficult for a mathematician. It should be asked of a philosopher.” With all due respect to the intelligence of any person stepping into my office, if someone as intelligent as Albert Einstein can be confused by our tax laws, then surely my client can as well.

Whatever the situation may be, there is one thing that seems to hold true with all white collar cases: They are almost never simple and it takes a great deal of time, skill, knowledge, resources, and access to expert witness and investigators for your Fairfax white collar crime lawyer to assert a good legal defense. It also requires an extraordinary eye for detail. Finding the evidence that helps you may require your Fairfax white collar crime lawyer to carefully read thousands of pages of documents that the government intends to use against you.

If you have been charged with a white collar crime, your Fairfax white collar crime lawyer can help by identifying and attacking weaknesses in the case against you, finding evidence that can be used to your advantage, and negotiating or arguing for the best possible outcome. Aside from the potential prison time, a conviction for a white collar crime can ruin your life, your reputation, and your career. Additionally, financial damages will require you to pay large amounts of money to the victims of an alleged financial crime.

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Fairfax white collar crime lawyer Randall Sousa has a background in corporate economics, tax law, and finance, and he possesses the skill and knowledge to help you defend against any possible white collar criminal charges. Whether you simply made a mistake in accounting, have been falsely accused, or had a lapse in judgement, the Law Offices of Randall Sousa will help you assert the best possible defense to any of these charges. If you have been arrested or charged with a white collar crime in Virginia, speak to a white collar crime lawyer today. 571-354-6164

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