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Prostitution may be the “world’s oldest profession,” but attempting to solicit a prostitute is a serious criminal offense in Virginia. If you have been arrested or charged with soliciting a prostitute in Fairfax, you will want to get in touch with a Fairfax solicitation lawyer immediately. If you have been charged with any other sex crimes, you can obtain more information on the pages below.

Fairfax Solicitation Lawyer Explains the Crime of Solicitation and Its Penalties

Fairfax solicitation lawyerFor a person to be charged with solicitation, no sexual or physical contact need occur. Instead, the Commonwealth must simply establish that the defendant did, in fact, request another person to engage in sexual activity in exchange for money or its equivalent (such as drugs) with the intent that the sexual act actually occur. Additionally, the person must take an act in furtherance of exchanging money for sex. Evidence used to show that an act was taken in furtherance of the exchange of money for sex could be going to the bank to take out cash, buying condoms, or booking a motel room.

Under Virginia law, solicitation is a Class 1 misdemeanor which carries a penalty of up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $2,500.

Although being charged with solicitation is both serious and extremely embarrassing, there are defenses to this crime. Hiring a knowledgeable Fairfax solicitation lawyer with an understanding of entrapment laws is a great first step in fighting these charges and assuring that a solicitation conviction stays off your record.

How a Fairfax Solicitation Lawyer Can Help

Generally, law enforcement agencies set up sting operations to catch people in the act of soliciting a prostitute. Yet, this is precisely why entrapment is a very common defense to solicitation charges.

Without question, police can and do engage in behavior which has induced law-abiding citizens to commit crimes. It is all too common for an exceptionally attractive undercover officer to prey on lonely people (widowers, divorcés) and sometimes, these officers go a little too far to secure a conviction.

Moreover, it is very common for people to joke around with a prostitute by telling them things like “I’ll give you $10 dollars…” or “I’ll give you $10,000,000…” Both of these statements demonstrate a lack of intent because one “offer” is insultingly low while the other is ridiculously high. This defense may be available depending upon the circumstances of your case.

If you lack any valid defenses to a solicitation charge, there are other ways your Fairfax solicitation lawyer can help. People make mistakes and do things for sexual gratification that they would not do under any other circumstances. A hard, but open-minded reality of life is that people’s sexual proclivities or the lengths they may go to achieve sexual gratification are not always rational. But as long as the acts involve consenting adults, there is generally no actual harm or “victim.”

That is why it is so important to hire a Fairfax solicitation lawyer who is not going to judge you, but instead, is going to fight for you by persuasively explaining to the prosecutor why the charges should be dropped or reduced in the interests of justice. To destroy a person’s life and their family over a moment of weakness which did not involve any real victim is not a prudent way to eliminate prostitution or solicitation. Your Fairfax solicitation lawyer will be able to hammer this point home to the prosecutor so that you can achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

An Example of How a Fairfax Solicitation Lawyer Can Help You

Charlie is a famous actor who is shooting a movie in Fairfax County. One night, he and some of his fellow cast members were hanging out at a bar and having a few drinks. Upon leaving the bar, Charlie notices a very attractive woman dressed in a provocative, revealing outfit. The woman sees Charlie and immediately offers to perform a number of sexual favors for him. Charlie politely explains that he has work in the morning and must head home to get some rest. The woman persists, but this time, she is even more graphic and explicit about what sexual favors she would like to perform.

Humored by her persistence, Charlie jokingly tells the woman “I’ll pay you an extra $20 if my friends can watch.” Unfortunately for Charlie, the woman turned out to be an undercover police officer engaged in a sting operation to bust people for soliciting prostitutes. Not realizing Charlie was joking, she takes him into custody and Charlie is charged by the Commonwealth with solicitation.

Because he is innocent and never actually intended to engage in the transaction, Charlie hires a Fairfax solicitation lawyer to represent him in Fairfax County District Court. Charlie’s lawyer explains to the prosecutor exactly what happened, but the prosecutor refuses to dismiss the charge. Instead, the prosecutor offers to reduce the charge to disorderly conduct. (Virginia Code § 18.2-415) Because Charlie did not violate any laws, he refuses the plea offer and chooses to take his case to trial.

On the evening prior to jury selection, the prosecutor, judge, and Charlie’s attorney have a meeting in chambers and discuss whether the case is actually worth going to trial over. Charlie’s Fairfax solicitation lawyer insists that the case is absolutely worth taking to trial because his client refuses to plead guilty for a crime he simply did not commit. Additionally, Charlie’s lawyer continuously emphasizes how his client’s statements were obviously a poor attempt at humor and there was no actual intent. After some further negotiations and hard bargaining, the case is dismissed.

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If you, or someone you know has been charged with solicitation in Fairfax County, you are going to want a knowledgeable, aggressive, and non-judgmental Fairfax solicitation lawyer by your side who understands the importance of discretion. At the Law Offices of Randall Sousa, our sole focus is on obtaining the best possible results for our clients. Call now for a free consultation with a Fairfax solicitation lawyer. 571-354-6164

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