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Fairfax criminal defense lawyer


Some attorneys may say they care, or that they want to answer your questions, but rarely do their actions support their words. At the Law Offices of Randall Sousa, we show you the true meaning of dedication, compassion, and personal service. We understand how being arrested and charged with a crime can be accompanied by worry, frustration, and sleepless nights. The thought of a jail sentence or losing one’s job can wreak havoc on a person’s life. But as a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer, my job is to not only help you obtain the best possible outcome, but to also ease your anxiety throughout the process by answering all of your questions. To this end, the section directly below provides detailed information about every type of criminal charge in Virginia, as well as the tactics we’ve used to successfully defend our clients from these charges.



After you are arrested, many things are beyond your control, but what you do have control of is who your attorney will be. And because the skills of your attorney can be the difference between winning and losing, hiring an aggressive and passionate Fairfax criminal defense lawyer whose knowledge and track record you can trust is perhaps the most important decision you can make. If you have been charged with a crime, contact our office. With an exceptional understanding of the law, reasonable fees, and an exemplary record of obtaining highly favorable results for our clients, the Law Offices of Randall Sousa can help you fight your case.

Our Main Focus

Simply put, our main focus is keeping our clients out of jail and keeping their records clean, and rightfully so, as any manner of criminal charges can result in serious, detrimental consequences. Without even considering possible incarceration in jail or prison, being convicted of a crime, particularly a felony, can negatively affect your ability to find or keep a job; your gun rights; your immigration status, and your driving privileges. However, every crime, no matter what it may be, has a defense, and many times, a weakness in the Commonwealth’s case and/or factors which may mitigate the severity of the crime can help you obtain a better outcome than you may have imagined.

With that said, we understand that, during this time, you may be experiencing anxiety, but, to be sure, much of the fear and anxiety you may be experiencing is likely just an outgrowth of the law’s extremely complex and confusing nature. And while it is the job of every criminal defense lawyer to keep their clients out of jail and keep their criminal records clean, at the Law Offices of Randall Sousa, we go one step further – we seek to eliminate our clients’ confusion and fear by explaining the entire process to them in plain English. To this end, we begin by reminding our clients that under our system of law, the prosecution must prove the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Consequently, the primary role of every Fairfax criminal defense attorney is to aggressively seek evidence which creates that doubt.

If you have been arrested, charged with a crime, or believe you are being investigated for a crime, you need an aggressive, passionate criminal defense attorney with a track record of success who will defend and protect your rights. With a strong understanding of the criminal justice system, reasonable fees, and flexible payment plans, the Law Offices of Randall Sousa can help you fight your case. Call us now for a Free Consultation with a Fairfax Criminal Defense Attorney.

Individual Liberty v. Government Power

Since the dawn of our republic, the government has continuously fought to expand its powers at the expense of our individual liberties. When the government overextends its reach, the people fight back. As it now stands, the citizens of this county are losing this fight. Isn’t it ironic how the “freest” country in the world is also the country with the world’s highest incarceration rate? Indeed, every single day, innocent people are locked in cages like wild animals and our constitutional freedoms are constantly being undermined by deceptive interrogation tactics and unlawful searches by law

In today’s society, criminal courtrooms serve as the battlefield where the fight between individual liberties and government power takes place. With all of the inequity and injustice pervading our society, I take great pride in my job as a Fairfax criminal defense attorney by fighting not just for my clients’ rights, but for the rights of all citizens as well. I speak about our passion for the law because it is our passion which makes us so extremely good at what we do. And that is why, as soon as we are retained, we immediately launch into a highly aggressive attack of the Commonwealth’s version of the facts. To be sure, aggressive does not equate to unprofessional or rude. Instead, our aggressive, yet professional approach allows us to politely let the prosecutor know that, when we are on the case, they better damn well not expect the process to be a walk in the park.

We Make A Broken System Work For Our Clients

The criminal justice system in our country is broken, but that does not mean it cannot be fixed so that it works for you. Although we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, good people across Fairfax County and Northern Virginia are often arrested, charged with crimes, and forced to prove their innocence against career motivated prosecutors who do not mind disregarding their constitutional rights and seeking the harshest possible punishments – even in juvenile cases. The police and the prosecutors are not your friends. They are out to get you. But that is where having a passionate, aggressive, and knowledgeable Fairfax criminal defense lawyer on your side can help.

At the Law Offices of Randall Sousa, we believe that every person should be able to have access to a powerful Fairfax criminal defense lawyer who is capable of aggressively defending their client’s innocence. Irrespective of whether you are guilty or innocent, and irrespective of whether the crime was minor or serious, the Law Offices of Randall Sousa will fight tirelessly and obtain results. Just because you were arrested, it does not mean you will be convicted. Your charges might be based on inadmissible evidence or their may be legal or factual inconsistencies in the Commonwealth’s case. Whether through a jury trial, motion to suppress, or through plea bargaining, we have a track record of success fighting for our clients.


Rising Blood Alcohol Defense

It generally takes one hour for a person to reach their highest BAC from the time of their last drink. Thus, having a drink just prior to driving may not negatively impact your immediate capability to drive. In this respect, a BAC reading of .10 conducted thirty minutes AFTER a driver has stopped driving may show that they were below .08 when pulled over.


Breathalyzer Inaccuracy Defense

As a Fairfax criminal defense attorney, it is my job to debunk the improper assumption that breathalyzers are an accurate tool to determine whether a driver is DUI. The reality is that breathalyzers are not very accurate at all. The reason why is that breath alcohol level is inherently subject to a number of variables which make readings inaccurate.


Problems With Field Sobriety Tests

Field sobriety tests were designed to measure a driver’s impairment, but the efficacy of these tests are continuously being called into question. Indeed, police officers are neither doctors nor scientists, and many police officers lack the sophistication and training to understand the complicated science behind BAC testing and observations of impairment.




Assault and Battery

On the one hand, assault occurs when one person places another person in reasonable fear for their safety or of being touched in an offensive manner. Stated another way, an assault is an attempt to commit a battery. On the other hand, battery is the willful use of force or violence upon another. In effect, battery makes it a crime to hit another person. Battery is a successful assault accomplished by any harmful or offensive touching. If you are facing a charge of assault and battery in Virginia or Fairfax County, contact the Law Offices of Randall Sousa for a free consultation with a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer. We can discuss the details of your case, help you understand the charges, and evaluate any possible defenses you may have.


Burglary is the unlawful entry into a structure with the intent to commit a crime once inside. Most people think that burglary is associated with theft crimes, but it is important to understand that someone can be charged with burglary even when they had no intention of stealing anything. In order to convict a party for burglary, the Commonwealth must not only prove that the defendant entered a structure and then committed a larceny or felony while inside the property, but they must also prove that the defendant had the intent to commit a felony or larceny once inside. Absent evidence of premeditated intent, a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer may be able to successfully argue that the defendant formed the intent to commit a larceny only after they entered the home or structure.

Destruction of Property

The difference between being charged with felony or misdemeanor destruction of property hinges on the total value of the damage. This value is often a rough estimate by the police or property owners, but that estimate can be properly challenged by a skilled Fairfax criminal defense lawyer. Your attorney can obtain an independent appraisal of the damage to contradict the Commonwealth’s statement of costs or damages. Finally, whether the charges are for a felony or misdemeanor, your Fairfax criminal defense lawyer may be able to get all parties to agree to a civil compromise where the owner of the vandalized property drops the charges after the damage to his/her property has been repaired. In fact, repairing any damage usually mitigates or lessens the punishment associated with a destruction of property charge. It is also of great use in persuading the prosecutor to lower the charge from a felony to a misdemeanor.

Domestic Violence

In recent years, law enforcement and prosecuting agencies have started to aggressively prosecute domestic violence cases. Police have received intensive training in investigation tactics, and since the O.J. Simpson case – which brought domestic violence to the forefront of the American consciousness – law enforcement agencies across the country have instituted policies which require that an arrest be made for domestic violence calls. Despite the fact that there are myriad reasons why the veracity of many domestic violence accusations are less-than-reliable, police and prosecutors are not very motivated to investigate whether the suspect may have been falsely accused. In fact, the way the system is designed makes it extremely difficult to have these charges dismissed – even when the alleged victim refuses to cooperate with police. That is why it is so important to speak with a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer who understands how to maneuver during this sensitive time.

Drug Charges

At the Law Offices of Randall Sousa, we understand the anxiety associated with being arrested on drug charges, but we are here help quell that anxiety. When you retain our services, you will receive the personal and passionate legal defense you truly deserve. We want you to feel comfortable contacting us at any time. Particularly in those moments when you are alone and thinking that you are headed for the worst possible outcome. Rarely will this ever happen! People make mistakes and people become addicted to drugs. Possessing narcotics, in most cases, is not so much of a crime as it is a symptom of a serious illness. In today’s society, prosecutors, judges, and juries alike almost universally acknowledge that addiction is an illness. Your Fairfax criminal defense lawyer will be able to explain to the prosecutor that punishment is not how you cure an illness.


When it comes to DUI defense, you will want to find an attorney whose main focus will be on helping you avoid a criminal conviction and preserving your driving privileges. Your Fairfax criminal defense lawyer can raise several highly complex defenses to protect your driving privileges and prevent you from being convicted of criminal DUI charges. Indeed, as soon as you are charged with a DUI, you face an automatic license suspension by the DMV. When this happens, all is not lost – you have rights and you have defenses! But no matter what defenses you may have, it is worth emphasizing that there is no substitute for an aggressive, passionate, and knowledgeable Fairfax criminal defense lawyer on your side to fight for you. With the harsh penalties and aggressive approach of prosecutors in DUI cases, it is extremely important to obtain a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer who has a full understanding of the evidence code, the Virginia code, and the tactics of negotiation.

Fraud / White Collar Defense

White collar crimes are generally committed by professionals and/or public officials and they almost always involve some form of deception for the purpose of obtaining money. Although the criminal intent of white collar crimes is identical to that of many street crimes, financial crimes tend to be treated much differently. White collar crimes include, but are not limited to, bank fraud, bribery, corporate fraud, credit card fraud, cybercrimes / hacking, hedge fund fraud, immigration fraud, money laundering, extortion, identity theft, securities fraud, RICO laws, wire fraud, tax evasion, and racketeering. At the Law Offices of Randall Sousa, you will find a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer with a background in corporate economics, tax law, and finance, who not only understands the ins-and-outs of white collar criminal defense, but who also has the skill, knowledge, and passion to help you aggressively fight any manner of white collar crime charges.

Gun and Firearm Charges

With almost all firearm or gun offenses in Virginia, the most effective defense is generally filing a motion to suppress evidence. Many weapons charges turn on the legality of the search, and if law enforcement lacked probable cause or the proper warrant for a search, your Fairfax criminal defense lawyer can motion the court to order that all evidence which is the fruit from that search be suppressed and declared inadmissible in court. Without physical evidence, many firearm possession offenses will be dismissed. However, weapons charges can be tough to defend, and that is precisely why retaining a skilled and knowledgeable Fairfax criminal defense lawyer is so important.

Juvenile Defense

Virginia juvenile defense cases are unique in many ways, but at the end of the day, they require a compassionate, aggressive, and knowledgeable Fairfax criminal defense attorney to advocate on the minor’s behalf. As a father of 3 young boys, I am very familiar with the trouble and mischief that children can get themselves into. But in today’s society, law enforcement and authority figures appear hell-bent on exacting retribution against otherwise naïve, innocent children. If your child has found themselves in trouble with the law, contact our office and we will do all we can to ensure that your child’s future is not placed in jeopardy.


In simple terms, larceny is the unlawful taking of another person’s property with the intention of permanently depriving them of that property. What makes larceny unlawful is that the property is taken without permission. Virginia distinguishes between petit (misdemeanor) larceny and grand larceny (felony). Whether someone is charged with felony or misdemeanor larceny is entirely dependent upon the value of the property taken. If you have been charged with petit or grand larceny in Fairfax, you will need an aggressive and passionate Fairfax criminal defense lawyer on your side. Because a larceny conviction can have a devastating effect on your reputation, your life, and the lives of your family, these sorts of cases should be handled by a passionate and knowledgeable Fairfax criminal defense lawyer.

Malicious Wounding

Malicious wounding requires an intent to kill or disfigure another person. In order to establish this intent, the Commonwealth most show that the defendant intended to inflict a permanent wound – even though the wound was neither permanent nor severe. The crime of malicious wounding can prove hard to define, but when the injury is not severe, it is generally nonsensical to accuse someone of intending to inflict a permanent wound or injury. This underscores the importance of having an aggressive and persuasive Fairfax criminal defense lawyer on your side. If the case goes all the way to trial, your attorney will need to guide the jury in determining what kind of conduct is “intended” to produce a permanent wound or injury. When explained correctly, the intent standard is often very difficult for the prosecution to prove. But without a knowledgeable Fairfax criminal defense lawyer, the prosecution may use the somewhat ambiguous nature of the law to their advantage.

Marijuana Charges

As a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer, I can unequivocally say that marijuana possession charges are amongst the most common criminal charges in Northern Virginia. Indeed, marijuana is one of the most commonly used drugs in this country. As a strong proponent of individual liberties, I take great pride in providing aggressive, affordable, and highly skilled criminal defense services to those citizens facing charges for having run afoul of Virginia’s marijuana laws. If you or a loved one is facing marijuana-related charges, contact the Law Offices of Randall Sousa now for a Free Consultation with a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer.

Murder and Homicide

When murder or manslaughter charges are in play, the stakes are extremely high, and you are going to need the assistance of an aggressive, passionate, and knowledgeable Fairfax criminal defense lawyer who will vigorously fight to obtain the best possible outcome in your case. At the Law Offices of Randall Sousa, we have the know-how, the passion, and the skills to help ensure that you obtain the best possible outcome in your case. Whether that outcome includes plea bargaining to a less severe charge or taking your case to trial, we will be relentless in our drive to help you.


Big Daddy Kane once said that “Pimping ain’t easy,” and while that may or may not be true, pimping is a very serious crime in Virginia. In order to secure a pimping conviction, a prosecutor must prove that the defendant knowingly used a prostitute to obtain money – that means they must prove that the defendant knew that the prostitute actually earned the money from prostitution. As with all criminal charges, there are a multitude of possible defenses your Fairfax criminal defense lawyer can assert on your behalf. But what defenses apply is always predicated on the unique set of facts of each and every case.


Virginia has a long record of aggressive prosecution in cases involving sex workers. Although being charged with prostitution may cause some embarrassment, it is the job of any good Fairfax criminal defense lawyer to never cast judgment on their client. At the Law Offices of Randall Sousa, we understand the embarrassment and indefinite reputational consequences a prostitution conviction can have of a person’s life. That is why it is so important to retain the services of a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer who is capable of mounting a strong defense while helping you avoid jail time and a criminal conviction for prostitution.

Public Intoxication & Disorderly Conduct

With regard to being drunk in public, the Commonwealth must prove that your actions were the result of intoxication. A good criminal defense attorney will be able to submit evidence which contradicts the Commonwealth’s argument that your actions were the product of being intoxicated or drunk. This can be accomplished several ways, but again, it will all depend on the unique facts of each case. Moreover, some police officers are ignorant about what constitutes a “public place.” This means you can be wrongfully charged for public intoxication if you were to get drunk and fight someone on your porch or in your front yard – both of which are on private property. Sometimes, because of the crime’s relatively minor nature, the prosecutor may agree to drop the charge. But whether this happens is entirely dependent upon the skill of your attorney and the facts of your case.


If a person is charged with rape, there are a number of possible defenses your Fairfax criminal defense lawyer can assert on your behalf. The most common, however, is that the alleged victim gave their consent. You see, when people think of rape, they often envision a masked man holding a weapon. What I can unequivocally tell you is that most rape accusations simply do not fall within the “stranger rape” scenario. Instead, rape charges are often filed against people who know one another. This sort of more common scenario is sometimes referred to as “date rape” and date rape very commonly occurs on college campuses. In these kinds of cases, consent and force can be extremely complicated issues. Particularly when drugs and alcohol are involved. Although consent is the most common defense – likely because it is the hardest to determine – another defense involves the lack of force, fear, or threat. Yet, this defense may prove difficult to mount, as in recent years, the force, threat, or fear requirement has been significantly relaxed in rape prosecutions due to the use of date rape drugs.

Reckless Driving

Generally speaking, reckless driving is defined as driving a vehicle in a manner which endangers the lives or property of others. But as any Fairfax criminal defense lawyer can tell you, the greatest difficulty in reckless driving cases sometimes stems from the ambiguity of precisely what actions are considered to be dangerous. This ambiguity is an outgrowth of not only the imprecise definition of reckless driving, but of the wide latitude of discretion afforded to law enforcement in determining whether someone’s actions actually constitute reckless driving. Although a short jail sentence is likely the stiffest penalty a person will receive after being convicted for a common reckless driving charge, it is important to hire a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer to not only keep you out of jail, but to prevent a conviction from remaining on your record.


In its simplest terms, robbery is the taking of property from another person through the use of force or the threat of force. While the level of force and the severity of the threat can vary, many robbery charges often involve situations where only a minimal amount of force was used. Nevertheless, robbery is a felony and it is aggressively prosecuted. Lack of force is an especially relevant defense in situations where a shoplifter is caught by store security and struggles to get away. As a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer, I can tell you that even the slightest push or physical contact can be enough to file felony robbery charges in what would otherwise be a simple petit larceny. But if all the suspect did was struggle to escape by wiggling out of the grips of store security, then a lack of force defense may leave the Commonwealth no choice but to drop the charges to larceny.

Sex Crimes

In real life, sex crimes are very different than how they appear on television. In fact, perhaps only 10% of all rape cases involve situations where the victim did not know their assailant. Furthermore, not all people accused of sex crimes actively intended to physically violate another person. Instead, many times, consent becomes a muddy issue which can be clouded even further when alcohol or drugs are brought into the mix. Moreover, people are sometimes falsely accused for a variety of reasons, but police are very hesitant to call the victim a liar even when evidence would suggest that the victim is in fact lying. Nevertheless, charging a person with a sex crime based solely on the word of another person is always a dangerous issue.


Generally, law enforcement agencies set up sting operations to catch people in the act of soliciting a prostitute. Yet, this is precisely why entrapment is a very common defense to solicitation charges. Without question, police can and do engage in behavior which has induced law-abiding citizens to commit crimes. It is all too common for an exceptionally attractive undercover officer to prey on lonely people (widowers, divorcés) and sometimes, these officers go a little too far to secure a conviction. If you lack any valid defenses to a solicitation charge, there are other ways your Fairfax criminal defense lawyer can help. People make mistakes and do things for sexual gratification that they would not do under any other circumstances. A hard, but open-minded reality of life is that people’s sexual proclivities or the lengths they may go to achieve sexual gratification are not always rational. But as long as the acts involve consenting adults, there is generally no actual harm or “victim.”

Student Defense

It is not uncommon for a student disciplinary hearing to overlap with a criminal investigation. On the other hand, these hearings might involve purely academic-related matters (i.e. cheating). As a point of emphasis, even when a student disciplinary hearing is called as a result of events which could also form the basis for criminal charges, the courts and the school will have different objectives, different standards of proof, and different procedures. Consequently, evidence which might not be sufficient to justify the filing of criminal charges may still provide a sufficient basis for the school to initiate disciplinary proceedings. Contrarily, there may be enough evidence to justify the filing of criminal charges, but such evidence does not cause the school to institute disciplinary proceedings. If you or a loved one are facing school discipline, call our office today.

Suspended License

People often wonder why prosecutors are so zealous about seeking jail sentences in suspended license cases when the crime is really not that serious. The answer is that suspended license offenses tend to annoy judges and prosecutors. They view these offenses as a disregard for the law and purposeful insubordination because a person simply should not be driving when their license is suspended.  But as a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer, I never see this behavior as purposeful and our office has a strong record of achieving dismissal in suspended license cases by explaining why your conduct in not purposeful. Most of the time, people who are accused of driving on a suspended license do not intend to cause any harm, they are merely trying to pick up their children or get to work. But being able to properly explain your circumstances to a prosecutor or the court requires the help of a Fairfax criminal defense attorney. This is especially true when you have been charged and/or convicted on a previous occasion.

Traffic Tickets

Traffic violation penalties can not only be expensive, but they may include receiving points on your license, attending a mandatory driver improvement class, having your license suspended, or even jail time if the offense is serious enough or if you have committed repeated violations of traffic laws. What people do not think about is that a conviction for a criminal traffic offense can negatively affect a person’s ability to obtain a job, financial aid for school, or their ability to drive at all. Older tickets, tickets with failure to appear, and tickets that have gone to collections are more serious and pose some more unique challenges, but having a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer could end up saving you a lot of money and saving your driver’s license. If you have a serious traffic matter, consider hiring a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer who can help you avoid points, costly fines, and increased insurance rates. It also saves you the hassle of going to court and waiting for hours just to have your name called.


Trespassing is a criminal offense which prohibits anyone from entering and remaining on another person’s property without permission. To be convicted of trespassing under Virginia law, the defendant must have intended to remain on the land without permission or returned to the land without permission. However, the accused must have had notice that they were not welcome on the land before they can be charged with trespassing. People can get lost and involuntarily or unknowingly enter another person’s land. Additionally, a person could unintentionally enter another person’s property because they were unaware of property lines. While you may not believe these sorts of defenses are common, you would be surprised how often a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer utilizes these defenses when fighting a trespassing case.

Gang Crimes

My most fervent objection to Virginia gang laws is that they tend to be incompatible with our freedom of association – a freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment. In fact, the biggest and most intimidating gang of them all might very well be the Fraternal Order of Police. Police get together and instill fear in the very citizens they are sworn to protect and are more than willing to beat, maim, brutalize, and wrongfully arrest anyone who stands in the way of their goals – irrespective of whether those goals are legitimate or not. If someone you know is being charged with a gang-related crime, contact the Law Offices of Randall Sousa and speak with the aggressive, passionate, and knowledgeable Fairfax criminal defense lawyer you deserve.

Civil Rights Litigation

One of the most commons forms of civil rights violations is against law enforcement for their use of excessive force. As a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer, it is both incredibly sad and upsetting when I see police violence – even when it results in wrongful death – which is ignored by internal affairs or the Commonwealth’s Attorney. However, when these claims of police violence go unaddressed, there is still hope, and that hope lies in the ability of your Fairfax criminal defense lawyer to file a civil lawsuit on your behalf. Given the prevalence of police violence, the opportunity for you to obtain justice is actually better than it has ever been before.





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The pen is mightier than the sword, and in the law, good writing wins cases. However, the importance of legal writing is often overlooked because it is not a subject that is covered in movies and television shows. The reality is that legal writing is the most important aspect of the law because it is the tool which allows a lawyer to move the court into their corner. At the Law Offices of Randall Sousa, we have a reputation for exceptional writing and take great pride in our ability to use the written word to our client’s advantage.



Aggressive defense involves challenging every piece of evidence used against you, testing scientific evidence and hiring experts, interviewing key witnesses, challenging the police conduct in obtaining warrants, deftly and masterfully cross examining adverse witnesses, and raising objections to law enforcement’s use or misuse of confidential informants. At the Law Offices of Randall Sousa, you will find a Fairfax criminal defense attorney who will do all this and more.


A lot of times, lawyers create more problems than they solve. At the Law Offices of Randall Sousa, we are unlike any other legal representation out there, and our ability to solve problems outside the courtroom is only rivaled by our ability to solve problems inside the courtroom.


In many situations, we offer free consultations. Contact our office to speak with a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer and find out how we can help solve your problems.


If you are in a business dispute; have suffered a personal injury; are embroiled in a divorce; have been arrested, charged, or are under investigation for a crime; or you simply seek an affordable attorney to help you draft a will or trust, contact the Law Offices of Randall Sousa today for a free consultation with a knowledgeable, aggressive, and highly skilled Fairfax criminal defense lawyer. (571) 354-6164



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