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Fairfax civil rights lawyer - Fairfax civil rights attorneyConstitutional rights are an enormous component of criminal defense work. The Fourth and Fifth Amendment frequently play a major role in the outcome of a case because, many times, law enforcement will violate the Constitutional rights of the people they arrest. These violations generally arise in the context of unlawful searches. When an unlawful search yields incriminating evidence, a good Fairfax civil rights lawyer can move the court to have the evidence thrown out and, hopefully, the officer who conducted the unlawful search will be deterred from conducting unlawful searches again in the future. The problem is, many times, unlawful searches and other civil rights violations go unaddressed when the unlawful search does not result in criminal charges.

Police often violate civil rights without finding incriminating evidence, and because they don’t file police reports and the Commonwealth’s Attorney doesn’t file charges, the courts are not forced to address these violations. It is in these situations where a Fairfax civil rights lawyer can help you.

Two of the greatest impediments facing a plaintiff in a civil rights lawsuit is proving damages and dealing with the different forms of immunity possessed by government officials. If someone is subject to an unlawful search, detention, or interrogation, they may not suffer the type of damages which are legally compensable. Other difficulties include short statutes of limitations and caps on damages.

Below, I explain the different types of situations in which a Fairfax civil rights attorney may be able to provide you with assistance.

Police Brutality

One of the most commons forms of civil rights violations is against law enforcement for their use of excessive force. As a Fairfax civil rights lawyer, it is both incredibly sad and upsetting when I see police violence – even police violence which results in wrongful death – which is ignored by internal affairs or the Commonwealth’s Attorney. However, when these claims of police violence go unaddressed, there is still hope, and that hope lies in your Fairfax civil rights attorney’s ability to file a civil lawsuit on your behalf. Given the prevalence of police violence, the opportunity for you to obtain justice is actually better than it has ever been before.

If you have been the victim of police brutality, contact a Fairfax civil rights lawyer today.

Unlawful Arrests

An unlawful arrest can form a very strong basis for a civil rights lawsuit. When unlawful arrest occurs in conjunction with police brutality, it can result in seriously detrimental effects to the victims including losing their job, suffering a loss of reputation, and much more.

Prosecutorial and Juror Misconduct

A wrongful conviction can occur when a judge or prosecutor misused their authority or hides / destroys evidence. Prosecutor misconduct does happen, and prosecutor’s offices across the country are beginning to be closely scrutinized for lying, fabricating or failing to disclose exculpatory evidence, and filing charges without any evidence in the hopes that the defendant will plead guilty to avoid a more severe punishment. I can tell you that people are wrongfully charged and convicted of crimes at an uncomfortable rate, and as a Fairfax civil rights lawyer, it is my duty to assist in stopping and preventing this from happening.

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If you have been the victim of a civil rights violation and can demonstrate that you suffered an injury, you may be able to be compensated for your loss or injury. Contact the Law Offices of Randall Sousa today for a free consultation with a Fairfax civil rights lawyer and we can discuss your options.

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